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Quitting Smoking

Tobacco use is perhaps the single greatest contributor to the skyrocketing cost of healthcare in this country.  Smokers and even former smokers can suffer heart, blood vessel, and lung-related diseases that may take years to develop. 


Every day we watch as patients suffer from heart attacks, strokes, COPD, lung cancer, and peripheral vascular disease.  We often care for them in the ICU, where we can sometimes get patients back to a reasonable state of health.  However, many patients die or suffer prolonged illness because of tobacco use.


The good news is that we can help.  Many physicians look down on smokers, which is unfortunate, but it is a reality.  This can make for an unproductive physician-patient relationship.  Our office will work with you to become smoke-free.  We know that every person is different and may choose to smoke for different reasons.  We also know that there are some people who will never quit. 


Our goal is to find out the reasons you smoke and try to facilitate your quitting, while at the same time easing your withdrawal and any respiratory symptoms you might have as a result of smoking.  Some people need medication, some people need help with mental health issues, and some just need a non-judgemental ear to listen.  Regardless of your needs, we will try to help you. 

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